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Sound Waves Online provides all the digital resources you and your students need to implement the Sound Waves program.

For teachers:

  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Brainstorm Kickstarter slideshows
  • Warm Up and other teaching slideshows
  • Projectable Student Book pages – and answers
  • List and Extension Word Segmenting Tool – and answers
  • Projectable Sound Boxes and Extended Sound Boxes
  • 200+ downloadable BLMs per year
  • Content and Diagnostic Tests with remediation
  • Class code for student access
  • Plus much more

For students:

  • Interactive spelling games
  • List Words and Extension Words
  • Segmenting Tool
  • Sound Boxes and Extended Sound Boxes
  • Pronunciation and Chants and Actions videos
  • Helpful Hints – spelling rules and definitions
  • Plus much more

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